David Albahari, writer and translator from Serbia, was born in 1948. His first collection of short stories, Family Time, was published in 1973, and his first novel, Judge Dimitrijevic, appeared in 1978. So far he has published thirteen novels and ten collections of short stories.David Albahari has won many awards for his books, including Ivo Andric Award for the best book of short stories (Description of Death, 1982), NIN award for the best novel (Bait, 1996), and the Golden Sunflower Vital Award for the best book (Every Night in Another Town, 2008).

David Albahari has also written essays, poems, plays, and books for chlidren.

His books have been translated into eighteen languages.

He moved to Calgary, Canada in 1994.

Enes Halilović

storyteller, poet, playwright, journalist, economist, and lawyer, was born on March 5th in 1977 in Novi Pazar.

He founded the news agency Sanapress, literary magazine Sent and website e-magazine for the literary interview Eckermann.

He has published poetry collections Middle Name (1995), Prodigal steed (2000), Leaves on the Water (2007) and The Songs From Health and Illness (2011), Bonfire (selected poems, 2012), collections of stories Rejected Suitors’ Descendants (2004) and Capillary Phenomena (2006), plays In Vivo (2004) and Kemet (2010) and novel Epic of Water (2012).

Stories, poetry and drama of Enes Halilovic were published in various books in English, Polish, French, Macedonian, prose and poetry has been translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Latvian, Albanian, Macedonian, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian and Catalan language.

Halilovic’s play Play About Newborns That Speak was premiered by the actors of Schaubühne theater from Berlin on March 10th 2011.

Halilovic is represented in numerous anthologies of poetry and prose in his country and abroad. He was awarded “The Golden Badge” for the contribution to culture, as well as literary awards “Branko Miljkovic” and “Djura Jaksic.”

Bojan Krivokapić – An activist in the culture and writer. He gained his activist and artistic experience at the Chamber Theatre of Music Ogledalo and the International Festival of Actual Music Interzone. Graduated Comparative Literature in Novi Sad. He published poetry and short fiction in number of anthologies and literary magazines in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. He awarded first prize for prose Ulaznica (Zrenjanin, 2011), was shortlisted for literary prize Lapis Histriae (Umag, 2012). Winner of the prize “Đura Đukanov” for the book “Lilith running, deamons stumbling” – short stories (Kikinda, 2012). The book was published in January 2013. Winner of the prize “Mak Dizdar” for the book “Žoharov let” (2013).

He studied Gender Studies, at the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of Sarajevo.

He is engaged in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad as coordinator of the literary program and as educator in the field of Creative Writing.

He participated at the Ljubljana Festival Mlade Rime, and the Zagreb Festival of Activist Poetry Art Attack. He performed his prose and poetry in various venues in Pančevo, Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Grožnjan, Kikinda, Žitiste, Subotica, Banjaluka, Koper, Zadar…

He is co-editor of “House Work” (collection of poetry and short prose, Novi Sad, 2012), as well as “PitchWise” (collection of poetry and short prose, Sarajevo, 2012). Reviewer of “Silenced Voices” (an inquary into feminist performance, author Ivana Inđin), monographs “Euthanasia: 2009 – 2011” (Art Klinika, Novi Sad), and a music album, “On Eastern Way” by Boris Kovač and David Yengibarian.