Santiago-PajaresSantiago Pajares was born in Madrid in 1979. Although he studied computer science, his interest was always linked to literature. He worked as a programmer for 7 years while writing his first novel “El paso de la hélice”, which which was published by Tabla Rasa when he was at age of 25. “La mitad de uno” was printed 2006 by the same publisher and two years after that “The canvas” was published.
During those years he also shot short films with his friends garnering more than 40 awards around the world, from USA to India.
Years later, in 2014, his first novel “El paso de la hélice”, was translated into Japanese, returns to the literary world in Spain by a major publisher Destino, which sold international rights in Brazil, Italy, Hungary, China, Russia and Poland.
In 2015 his new novel “La lluvia de Ionah” will be published in Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands.
His story “Hoy” was selected in the Dalkey Archive Press, University of Illinois “Best European Fiction 2012”.