Orsolya Bencsik was born in 1985, Bácska Topolya. Currently lives in Szeged. Formerly she had studied Philosophy and Hungarian Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged. She writes poetry, prosaic verses, and lately short stories. She was one of the authors in the anthologies titled Best Short Stories of the Year 2008 (Az Év legjobb novellái 2008, published by Magyar Napló) and Prosaic Time (Prózaidő, published by Parnasszus, 2009). In 2009 her first volume was published under the title Dissolving Blue in the Water of I (Kékítőt old az én vizében), for which she received the Sinkó-Prize.

Lazslo Kis. I was born in 1976. I live in Gyula – it’s a little town in the south-east countryside of Hungary. I work at the Erkel Ferenc secondary grammar school, I teach history, literature and Hungarian grammatics. I also make editorship at the periodical named Bárka. I’ve published two books of short stories at the publisher Tiszatáj: Szindbád nem haza megy (2003) and Árnyas utcai szép napok (2008).

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