Matjaz-BrulcMatjaz Brulc (1976, Novo mesto) was graduated Art History at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 2002. He works as a curator and journalist, writing mainly about contemporary art and culture.
He has published two books of short stories and Diznilend i Kakor da se ne bi zgodilo nič as well as a collection of poems Balade za psa in prhlja. Some stories are being translated into English, German and Croatian language. He won first prize in a competition for a short story in the magazine Rast in 2009. Two years later, he won the award for best short story at the 16th Slovenian days of books, as well as the award for best short story on the web portal Airbeletrina. This year as a representative of Slovenia he was included in the anthology Best European Fiction 2015. He lives and works in Ljubljana.