Kinga Julia Kiraly

I was born in 1976 in Romania. For a long time, let’s say till yesterday, I did not know anything about myself. Nor about the world. In the meantime, so lately, I realized that more I venture out of myself, more noisily I counter the life.

But what happens inside, is much noisier than my parry. Much more painful, that’s true. I write about such things. Halfway between myself and the world. In the meantime, I also realized that despite all my efforts I coud be just as frank, as vague it is, let’s say, a blurred aerial snapshot of a polaroid.

My first novel P. Luisa: Maze for scarcely stray girls was published in 2007. Since than I translated from Italian Antonia Arslan`s novel The skylark farm, and I`m still working on Giambattista Basile`s Pentamerone.

My new book The Sounds of the Body is based on the controversial feeding of food and sin.