Eljan Tanini is a man on two feet. Eljan studied visual arts in Tirana. He completed his masters in Philosophy and Sociology. Presently he is a journalist for Top Channel and he continuesly writes for the daily newspaper Shqip. In 2009, during his teenage years, Eljan wrote his first book Tregu I Zeros (The Market of Nothing) and through essays he contemplates on a society that he sees afar and handicaped. Momentarily Eljan is an active writer for the Albanian magazine Psikologjia (Psychology) as well as for the online blog, Letra nga Republika e Shkarravinave (Letters from the Republic of Scribblings). His passion is writing, more specifically writing on journalism, culture, aesthetics (photography and art critic), philosophy (essays) and reportage. Moreover, Eljan is a rigorous online blogger where he continuously publishes his writings. In addition, he is the one of the founder and supporters of the green movement, Mbill Pemen Tende (Plant Your Own Tree), whose intent is to plant millions of new trees all across Albania. Currently Eljan is working on his second book, a collection of short proses and poems titled Pa Pik, Without Point.