Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: Tatjana Dedić Starović


Mihaela Šumić was born in 1998 in Banja Luka. She graduated from the General Gymnasium of the Catholic School Center „Blaženi Ivan Merz“ (“Blessed Ivan Merz”). In 2012, she wrote poetry and columns for the Mexican LUF magazine. So far, she has published her poetry, as well as translations in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Croatian, on several portals. She presented herself to the readers at the festivals of literature „Imperativ” (Imperative) in Banja Luka and „Rukopisi” (Manuscripts) in Pančevo. So far, she has published a collection of poems „Nekoliko sitnih uboda” (A few small stings), for which she won the “Čučkova knjiga” award for the best first book published in 2020, and a collection of stories „Herbarij svete smrti” (Herbarium of the Holy Death) for which she won regional literary awards “Stefica Cvek.” Last year, her translation of the novel „Sezona uragana“ (Hurricane Season) by Mexican writer Fernanda Melchor was published.

Interviews (links)

Oslobođenje (3.10.2021) (24.2.2022)
Glas Kulture (15.3.2022)

Critics (links)

Oslobođenje, autorica: Marija Pejić, urednica knjige “Herbarij svete smrti” (11.8.2021)
Ženska čitaonica, autor: Fedor Marjanović (14.10.2021), autorica: Dunja Ilić (15.3.2022)