Cosmin-PertaPerca Cosmin (Rum. Cosmin PERT) poet, fiction writer and essayist, was born in 1982 in a small town, Viseu de Sus (Baia Mare), in northern Romania, Maramures County.
He graduated at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Cluj, and master’s and doctoral studies in literature graduated at the Bucharest University.
He has published books of poetry: “Zorovavel” (Grinta 2002), “Clay guard” (Vinea, 2006), “Song for Mary” (Vinea 2007), “The Old Man, The Divine Comedy” (Charmides, 2009), “Untitled” (Parallels 2011).
He has published novel “Theophilus and wooden dog” (Herg Benet, 2012) and “Witnesses at the end of the world” (Cartea Românească, 2007) as well as two collections of short stories “Two stories” (Tracus, 2010) and “Visits” 2013.
Essay “Introduction to fiction interpretations” (Tracus Arte, 2011) and monograph “Radu G. Ţeposu, refinement and intuition” (MNLR, 2012).
Reviews – Over 200 of his works were published in Romanian and international cultural magazines.