Réka Mán-Várhegyi was born in Romania, and later moved to Hungary with her family. Currently she lives in Budapest and works as an editor at a publishing house for children’s books. At the university she started studying Hungarian literature and grammar, but eventually took her M. A. in sociology and in aesthetics. She is interested in literature theory, social theory and many fields labelled as cultural studies. She has been writing fiction since childhood, but started publishing only in the last few years. Her first book is a collection of short stories called _Boldogtalanság az Auróra-telepen_ (_Unhappiness in the Auróra-district_), published in 2014. She also writes for children, her latest book, _Dóri és Marci nyomoz_ (_Dóri and Marci are investigating_) was also published in 2014. Her first book won the literary prizeJAKkendő of the József Attila Circle. She is currently working on a novel, for which she received the Móricz Zsigmond literary scholarship.