Radu Pavel Gheo (Pavel Gheorghiţă RADU, b. 1969, Oraviţa), Romanian writer and essayist, is working as an editor and translator for the Polirom Publishing House. He is a member of PEN Club Romania (since 2005) and of the Romanian Writers’ Association (since 2003). He currently lives in Timisoara, Romania, and he is editor and regular contributor for the cultural magazine Orizont (Timisoara).

He has published the following volumes:

– Valea Cerului Senin (The Valley of the Clear Blue Sky), Athena, 1997 – short stories; – Despre science fiction (On Science Fiction) – Omnibooks Satu-Mare, 2001, first edition; Tritonic, Bucharest, 2007, second edition – literary studies;

– Adio, adio, patria mea, cu i din i, cu a din a (approx. Farewell, My Homeland, Farewell…), Polirom, 1st edition – 2003, 2nd edition – 2004, essays;

– Romanii e destepti (Romanians IS Smart), Polirom 1st edition – 2004, 2nd edition – 2006, essays;

– Fairia – o lume indepartata (Fairia – A Land Faraway), Polirom, 2004 – novel;

– DEX-ul si sexul (DEX and sex), Polirom, 2005 – essays;

– Radu Pavel Gheo, Dan Lungu (coord.) – Tovarase de drum. Experienta feminina in comunism (Fellow Travellers. The Feminine Experience in Communism), Polirom, 2008 (collection of essays);

– Numele mierlei (The Name of the Blackbird), Polirom, 2008 (short stories).

Radu P. Gheo wrote a play entitled Hold-УП Akbar sau Toti în America (Hold-УП Akbar or Everybody in America). The play has been put on stage by the National Theatre „Mihai Eminescu” from Timisoara, starting July 2007.

Radu Pavel Gheo has published several hundred essays and studies in some of the major cultural magazines from his country and in some foreign magazines: Timpul, Dilema (veche), 22, Orizont, ArtPanorama, România literară, Observator cultural, Lettre Internationale, Amphion, Korunk, Wienzeile (Viena, Austria), Dialogi (Maribor, Slovenia), Sarajevo Notebooks (Sarajevo, Bosnia), Libertatea (Vojvodina, Serbia) Au Sud de l’Est (Paris, France), Lampa (Warsaw, Poland), Cultures d’Europe Centrale (Paris, France) etc.

He has also been included in several literary anthologies from Romania, with short stories or essays. As a translator from English, he has translated around twenty volumes, mostly fiction.

Prizes and awards (selected): Timisoara Writers’ Association Award for Adio, adio, patria mea cu î din i, cu â din a (approx. Farewell, My Homeland, Farewell…) – 2003; “Pro-Cultura Timisiensis” Award for Cultural Merits, granted by the Timiş County Council – 2005; Timisoara Writers’ Association Award for DEX-ul si sexul (DEX and sex) – 2006; Excellence in Arts Award, granted by Timisoara City Council – August 2007; “Andrei Bantas” Award for English translations (Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea) – May 2008.