Ognjen Spahić was born in Podgorica in 1977. He has published the following short story collections: Sve to (Plima, Ulcinj 2001), Zimska potraga (Durieux, OKF, Zagreb, Cetinje 2007) and Puna glava radosti (Nova knjiga, Podgorica 2014), the novels Hansenova djeca (Durieux, OKF, Zagreb, Cetinje 2004) and Masalai (Fraktura, Zagreb 2015). For the novel Hansenova djeca he received the Meša Selimović Award in 2005 (the best novel published in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro in 2004). The novel Hansenova djeca has been published in French, Hungarian, Arabic, Italian, English, Slovenian, Macedonian and Romanian. Hansenova djeca received the Ovid Festival Prize in Romania. For the book Puna glava radosti, Spahić was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature for the year 2014. His short stories have been translated into numerous languages worldwide and have appeared in various anthologies. He lives in Podgorica.