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Dénes Krusovszky (1982, Hungary) is Hungarian poet, fiction writer and essayist, currently lives in Wien and Budapest. Krusovszky studied Hungarian language and literature, aesthetics and comaparative literature between 2000 and 2008 at the ELTE University of Budapest. He was one of the founders of the Telep (’Settlement’) poet’s group which was active between 2005 and 2009. He has six books published in different genres from poetry through children poetry and essays to short stories and a novel. His poems were translated to English, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Polish, Swedish, Romanian among others. The German translation of Elromlani milyen (Wie Schön das Kaputtgehen ist) came out in 2011 at Merz und Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany, while the Swedish translation of the same book came out in 2015, the Romanian in 2017. Krusovszky is also the editor of the online poetry magazine Versum, which is focusing on the international poetry scene in Hungarian translation.

Az összes nevem (’All My Names’, poems, Széphalom Könyvműhely, 2006),
Elromlani milyen (’How It Feels To Go Wrong’, poems, Kalligram, 2009),
A felesleges part (’Superfluous Shore’, poems, Magvető, 2011),
Mindenhol ott vagyok (’I’m Everywhere’, poems for children,Magvető, 2013)
Kíméletlen szentimentalizmus (’Harsh Sentimentalism’, essays and critics, L’Harmattan, 2014)
A fiúk országa (’The Boys’ Country’, short stories, Magvető, 2014)
Elégiazaj (’Elegynoise’ poems, Magvető, 2015)
Akik már nem leszünk sosem (’Those We Will Never Be’ novel, Magvető, 2018)

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