Miha Mazzini (1961) is a writer, author of more than 30 published books, translated in 11 languages. His work was selected for many anthologies including Pushcart prize 2012 and Best European Fiction 2018.
Screenwriter of award-winning feature films (best screenplay at Raindance festival, London, 2019 and FEST festival, Belgrade, 2019. Golden Palm for the best film of the XXII Mostra de Valencia, European CIRCOM Award for the Best TV Film of 1992), short films and TV films.
Director of feature film, documentaries and short films (Best director award at the Highgate Film Festival in London, best short film of 2011 at the Slovenian film festival).
MA in Creative Writing for Film and Television at The University of Sheffield. PhD in Anthropology of Everyday Life, Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Slovenia.
Voting member of the European Film Academy.
Usability and customer excellence expert and consultant, currently working for Slovenian Telekom.


Photo: Boštjan Pucelj

Jedrt L. Maležič (1979) is a writer and literary translator from English and French. The critics have praised her first book – the collection of short prose ”Težkomentalci” (2016). The book was nominated for the best first book. The second collection, ”Bojne boje” (2016) was nominated for the Novo Mesto award. The novel ”Vija Vaja Ven” was published in 2018. The collection ”Bojne boje” has been translated into Hungarian (2019) and collection ”Težkomentalci” will soon be published translated into Spanish (Litterae Slovenicae).