Tuuve Aro (born 1973) is a writer who lives and works in Helsinki. She has published eight fiction books, two of which are novels, four short story collections and two children’s novels. Aro has studied literature and film in Helsinki University. Alongside her work as a writer,
she works as a film critic, and has also done some film producing.

City Boy & the Jungle (Topi & Tallulah: Karambolan kirous), children’s novel (WSOY
Desire Machine (Himokone), short stories (WSOY 2012)
Jungle Girl & the City (Topi & Tallulah: Korson purppuraruusu), children’s novel (WSOY
From Night till Dawn (Yöstä aamuun), novel (WSOY 2009)
The Sign (Merkki ja muita novelleja), short stories (WSOY 2006); Kalevi Jäntti book award
The title story of the collection was made into a 15 min. short film named Sirocco (directed
by Mikko Kuparinen), which received several awards, such as the main prize in Odense
International Film Festival 2013.
Karmiina, novel (WSOY 2004); published in German 2008 (Kookbooks Verlag, translator
Elina Kritzokat)
The Strange Vacuum of Sinikka Tamminen (Sinikka Tammisen outo tyhjiö), short stories
(Gummerus 2001); published in German 2004 (Suhrkamp Verlag, translator Elina Kritzokat)
Trouble with the Radiator (Harmia lämpöpatterista), short prose (Gummerus 1999);
published in German 2004 (Suhrkamp Verlag, translator Elina Kritzokat)

* Translated into German, English, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, and Benghali.

She is now writing her ninth book, a collection of short stories named The Meat Master.