November 2015


Mirjana Đurđević

Mirjana Đurđević (Belgrade, 1956) has published sixteen novels, as well as several short stories and essays. Her novel Deda Rankove riblje teorije/Grandpa Ranko’s Fish Theories/ (2004) won award Female pen in 2004. For her novel Kaya, Belgrade and the Good American she received the prestigious Meša Selimović Award for the best book in the region in 2009. Her works have been translated into English and Slovenian.

Bojan Krivokapić

Bojan Krivokapić – (1985) An activist in the culture and writer. He gained his activist and artistic experience at the Chamber Theatre of Music Ogledalo and the International Festival of Actual Music Interzone. Graduated from the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Comparative Literature.
Published books:
1. “Lilith running, deamons stumbling” (Trči Lilit, zapinju demoni) – short stories (Kikinda, Serbia, 2013);
2. “The Flight of the Cockroach” (Žoharov let) – gemischt poetry (Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014)
3. “Lilith running, deamons stumbling / Corri Lilit, i demoni inciampano”: translated into Italian by Vanesa Begić (Pazin, Croatia, 2014)
He published poetry and short fiction in number of anthologies and literary magazines in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. He awarded first prize for prose Ulaznica (Zrenjanin, 2011), was shortlisted for literary prize Lapis Histriae (Umag, 2012 and 2014). Winner of the prize “Đura Đukanov” for the book “Lilith running, deamons stumbling” (Kikinda, Serbia, 2012). Winner of the prize “Mak Dizdar” for the book “The Flight of the Cockroach” (Stolac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013). Winner of the prize “Edo Budiša” for the book “Lilith running, deamons stumbling” (Pazin, Croatia, 2014).
He is engaged in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad as coordinator of the literary program and as educator in the field of Creative Writing.
He participated at the Ljubljana Festival Mlade Rime, at the Zagreb Festival of Activist Poetry Art Attack, Wood Poets: Poetry Event in Istria, etc.
Residential programs: Sarajevo (2013) ands Prishtina (2014).
He is editor of:
“House Work” (Radovi u Kući) – collection of poetry and short prose (Novi Sad, 2012);<
“On the Streets they walk over barefooted People” (Na ulici gaze bose ljude) collection of poetry and short prose;
“PitchWise” – collection of poetry and short prose (Sarajevo, 2012);
“Rules of Rows – A Reader” (Poučak o nizovima: čitanka) – collection of poetry, short prose and drama (Novi Sad, 2014).
Lives in Novi Sad.

Miroslav Ćurčić

Student of the creative writing course lead by Vladimir Arsenic and Srdjan Srdić.


Vladimir Bulatović

Vladimir Bulatovic was born in Belgrade in 1979. He published a book of stories “Ghosts of Satire” (Press, 2013). He won the European Short Story Festival in Zagreb award (2014). Auhtor of the book of stories “Elvira was dreaming” (KrR, 2015). He is student of the creative writing course lead by Vladimir Arsenic and Srdjan Srdić.

Dragan Babić

Dragan Babić (Karlovac, 1987) finished Bachelor and Master studies at the Department of English Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. He writes short stories, Twitter fiction, essays and book reviews. He published a collection Twitter Stories in 2014.

Uglješa Šajtinac

Uglješa Šajtinac (Zrenjanin, 1971), playwright, storyteller, novelist.
He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Department of Dramaturgy, 1999. Since 2005 teaches dramaturgy at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Novels: “Wonders of Nature” (1993), “Hope lives on the outskirts of a town” (2002), “WALK ON” (2007) and “Quite modest gifts” (2011). Children novels: “Vetruška’s Wasteland” (2006) and “Carne and unholy” (2013). The book recounts: “Being” (1997). Dramas: “Props” (1999), “The right of Russians” (2001), “Do you speak auastralijski?” (2002), “Hudersfild” (2005), “Banat” (2007), “Vetruška’s Wasteland” (2008) and “Flutter of my Lungs” (2009). Dramas by Uglješa Šajtinac were performed, as well as in Serbian, in British and American theaters. Radio dramas: “In the Well” (1998) and “The deacon of the church of the Holy Virgin” (a dramatization of the novel Isidora Sekulic, 1999). After the drama “Hudersfild” was self-titled film (2007). In the drama “Hudersfild” won the Sterija Prize for best original contemporary dramatic text at Sterija Theatre Festival 2005. For his novel “WALK ON!” Won the award Biljana Jovanovic for book of the year. In the novel “quite modest gifts” received the European Prize for Literature, Vital award for Best Book of the Year Award and “Bora Stankovic”.
He lives in Zrenjanin.


Miljan Mikić

Student of the creative writing course lead by Vladimir Arsenic and Srdjan Srdić.

Miloš K. Ilić

Miloš K. Ilić was born in 1987 in Pancevo, Serbia. He has been writing short stories for publication since he was fifteen. He published short story collection Price o pivu [Beer Stories] (Laguna, 2008.) He writes radio plays.

Vule Žurić

Vule Žurić was born in 1969 in Sarajevo. He published six books of stories, nine novels and a book about football (in coautorship-rivalry with Bozo Koprivica). He is author of a dozen radio dramas and winner of several literary awards. Participant of Kikinda Short Festival in 2008, when, for the first time, he sang on stage. He is translated, he translates, he lives in Pančevo.


Denis Čokić

Student of the creative writing course lead by Vladimir Arsenic and Srdjan Srdić.

Marija Pavlović

Born in 1984 in Leskovac, lives and works in Belgrade as a copywriter and the editor of an online magazine. She finished MA studies at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, department: English language and literature. She is the author of the script The Strange Case of Mrs. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde, the short-stories collection Horror stories of everyday life and short stories such as Discopolis, American Dream and Disco Inferno. She is the translator of one of the essays in the collection Politics and Performing Arts by Prof. Dr. Janelle Reinelt and one of the participants in the project Writers for the Future, a Bosnian initiative organized by Balkan Literary Society and supported by United Nations. The story American Dream was one of the top 20 stories at the Croatian Festival of European Short Story, while the collection Horror Stories of Everyday Life was shortlisted for Serbian literary awards Biljana Jovanovic and Dusan Vasiljev. She reads and writes whenever possible.

Vladimir Arsenijević

(b. 1965 in Pula, Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia) is an awarded and internationally acclaimed Serbian writer, translator, editor and publicist. He won the 1994 NIN-award for his first novel In the Hold (U potpalublju) thus becoming the youngest ever recipient of this prestigious prize. This was the very first debut book ever rewarded with this prize. This anti-war book was soon translated into 20 languages and placed Arsenijević almost instantly among the most translated Serbian writers ever. Since then, Arsenijević published seven other novels, graphic novels and books of essays. He is a well known editor who formed and developed the RENDE publishing house, where he worked as its editor in chief from its foundation until 2007. From 2007 until 2011. he ran a Belgrade subsection of a distinguished Croatian publishing house VBZ. His essays and columns are published in both printed and online media all over the region of former Yugoslavia. He is the founder and president of Association KROKODIL which runs one of the most distinguished literary festivals in the region as well as the first continuous Writer-in-Residence program in Belgrade, Serbia. He lives and works in Belgrade.
1. OVO NIJE VESELO MESTO, stories (2014)
2. LET, novel (2013)
3. MINUT, graphic novel (2011)
4. JUGOLABORATORIJA, essays (2009)
5. PREDATOR, novel (2008)
6. IŠMAIL, graphic novel (2004)
7. MEXICO, war diary (2000)
8. ANDJELA, novel (1997)
9. U POTPALUBLJU, novel (1994)