Karla Suárez (Cuba, 1969). She has published the novels La Habana año cero (t: Havana, year zero. Award Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-monde, France, 2012, Prize of the Insular book 2012, France.), La viajera (t: The traveler. 2005) and Silencios (t: Silence. Award Lengua de Trapo 1999 in Spanish) and the short stories’ collections Carroza para actores (t: Carriage for actors. 2001) and Espuma (t: Foam. 1999). She also wrote the books Rome, par-delà les chemins (t: Rome, beyond the paths) and Cuba les chemins du hasard (t: Cuba, The Paths of Chance) done in collaboration with the Italian photographer Francesco Gattoni and Grietas en las paredes (t: Cracks) with the Luxembourgois photographer Yvon Lambert. Her novels have been translated into many languages. Her short stories have been published in magazines and more than thirty anthologies in England, United States, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Poland, France, Italy, Spain and several Latin American countries. The tale Anniversary was adapted for the stage in 1996 and two of its short stories were made into TV scripts for Cuban television. In 2010 his novel Silencios was taken to the theatre and in 2013 was adapted to a musical, both in France. She got scholarships in Cuba (Razón de Ser) and France (Centre National du Livre, Paris; Maison des Ecrivains Etragers et Traducteurs, Saint-Nazaire; Agence Régionale pour l’Écrit et le Livre en Aquitanie, Bordeaux; and Clermont Communauté, Clermont-Ferrand). In 2007, the Hay Festival and the organizers of the Bogotá World Book Capital selected Karla Suárez as one of the 39 highest profile Latin American writers under the age of 39. After five years in Rome and six in Paris, she now lives in Lisbon where she coordinates the Book discussion club of the Instituto Cervantes, is also Professor of Creative Writing at the Escuela de Escritores in Madrid.