Aicha Bassry was born in Settat, Morocco. She holds a BA in Arabic Literature, Universite Mohammad V (Rabat), Morocco. She worked as a teacher, then editor of a magazine of education, Ministere de l’Education Nationale (National Ministry of Education), Morocco.

She is member of Bayt al-Shai ‘r (House of Poetry), Itihād kutāb al-maghrib (Moroccan Union of Writers), vice president of AICL (International Association of Literary Criticism), France, Fes Festival, and a judge in many literary committees.

She has published 8 poetry collections: Masā’āt (Evenings), 2001; Araq al-Malā’ikah (Engels’ Insomnia), 2002; Shurfah Mutfa’ah (A Dark Balcony), 2004; Laylah Sarī‘at al-‘Atab (A Frail Night), 2007, 2009; Hadīth Midfa’ah (Fireplace Chat), 2007; Sadiqī al-Kharīf (My Friend Fall), 2009; Khulwat al-Tayr (Isolation of the Bird), 2010; Dars fī al-Rasm (A Lesson in Drawing), 2013; two books of prose: Layalī al-Harīr (Silk Nights), 2013, 2014; Hafidat Greta Garbo (GretaGarbo’s granddaughters), 2015.

Her works have been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

Her poetry has also appeared in many anthologies of poetry in French, Spanish, German, Irish, Swedish, Catalan, Turkish, and Greek.