Robert Perišić (born 1969, Split) is Croatian writer, author of six books, a play and a screenplay. He published two collections of short stories: “You Can Spit On The One Who’ll Ask For Us” (1999; Možeš pljunuti onoga tko bude pitao za nas) and “Horror and Huge Expenses” (2002; Užas i veliki troškovi). His books are translated in several European countries and USA.
His novel “Naš čovjek na terenu” (English title: Our Man in Iraq), received the prestigious Croatian literary award Jutarnji list (2008) and the German edition of the novel received ‘Literaturpreis der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse 2011’ in Graz, Austria.
Jonathan Franzen wrote: “Robert Perisic is a light bright with intelligence and twinkling with irony, flashing us the news that postwar Croatia not only endures but matters.”
He took his BA in Croatian language and literature at Philosophical Faculty in Zagreb.
He lives in Zagreb and works as free-lance writer.
BOOKS (in Croatian)
1995 – “Castle America” /Croatian title: Dvorac Amerika/, poetry
1999 – “You Can Spit On The One Who’ll Ask For Us” /Možeš pljunuti onoga tko bude pitao za nas/, short stories
2002 – “Horror and Huge Expenses” /Užas i veliki troškovi/, short stories
2007 – “Our Man in Iraq” /Naš čovjek na terenu/, novel (Jutarnji list Prize, Zagreb 2008; Literaturpreis der Steiermärkischen Sparkasse, Graz 2011)
2011 – “Introduction to Funny Dance” /Uvod u smiješni ples/, autobiographical prose
2012 – “Sometime Later” /Jednom kasnije/, poetry
2000 – “Culture in Suburb” /Kultura u predgrađu/, black comedy (2000-2002. in Drama Theatre “Gavella”, Zagreb)
2004 – Screen-play for feature art-drama movie “100 Minutes of Glory” /100 minuta Slave/, director: Dalibor Matanić
2013 – Screen-play for feature art-movie “High Fashion Tension” /Visoka modna napetost/ (together with Filip Sovagovic and Ivica Dikic), director: Filip Sovagovic