Adilj Oluri

Adil Olluri (born in 1984, Prishtina, Kosova) is a fictional writer and literary critic. He has published four books: “The Bearer of the Excluded Spirits” (novel, 2015), “Many roads and a fall” (short story, 2013), “The Albanian postmodern novel” (2011) and “The postmodern trilogy” (2011).
His short stories are translated in English, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Esperanto and Roma language and published in magazines for arts and literature.
But, as a complete book is published just in Italian language. “Many roads and a fall” is translated in Italian language by Iris Gjomemo-Hajdari. The full book is published by “Ensemble edition”, one publishing house from Rome. For this book are written many reviews from Italian literary critics.
He works in Institute of Albanology, Prishtina, as researcher for literature.