Roland Orcsik

Photo: Bach Máté

Roland Orcsik was born in Becse (Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia) in 1975. Since 1992 he lives in Szeged in Hungary where he studied and now he is working at the University of Szeged in the Institute of Slavonic Studies. Orcsik is one of the editors of literary monthly “Tiszatáj”. He writes poetry, criticism, and translates from a number of Ex-Yugoslavian languages into Hungarian. His research focuses on Hungarian and Yugoslav literary contacts. So far he has published four books of poems, and Mahler downloaded is translated into Serbian. Rule of Thirds (2015) is his last published collection. His first novell was published in 2016 under the title Phantomcommando. His works are translated in Czech, English, French, Croatian, Greek, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Serbian languages. He plays on his „anti-instruments” in the bands „Médeia Fiai” and „Lajka”.