Samiha Ali Khrais
Award-winning Jordanian novelist and journalist Samiha Khrais is among Jordan’s most prolific and highly celebrated writers, having written 12 novels and three short story collections during the course of her career. Several of her creations have been adapted into TV series, radio dramas, and theater plays, and one is being considered for a movie production. A few of her novels have also been translated into foreign languages, such as the plate, which has been translated into German, Memoirs of the Flood, which has been translated into Spanish and German.

Focused on highlighting cultural, political and social issues in the Arab World and Jordan in particular during the 20th Century, Khrais’s works often cover topics related to women’s rights, freedom, cultural heritage and social development.

Khrais worked as the Editing Manager of the cultural section in prominent Jordanian Al Ra’i Newspaper for over 10 years, and is the Chief Editor of Hatem Magazine, a Jordanian children’s publication. Khrais’s longstanding journalism career includes working in Jordan for daily newspaper Addustour, as well as in the UAE for Abu Dhabi-based Al Ittihad Newspaper. She has also written for Arab newspapers in Cairo, Beirut and London, and has developed scenarios for notable children’s publication, Majid Magazine.

She is member of numerous committees, associations and organizations.