Želimir Periš
Born in Zadar in 1975.
In 2013 his short story collection Mučenice was published, and it has been translated into Slovenian and adapted for theatre in the meantime.
He has won several awards for his short stories: Lapis Histriae 2012, shortlisted for Lapis Histriae 2013, Sfera 2002, PitchWise 2012, shortlisted for Vranac 2014, he participated in the European Short Story Festival in 2014.
Besides stories, he has written two novels, Mima i kvadratura duga (2014) and Mima i vaše kćeri (2015).
Member of the association ZaPis, with which he promotes love for writing and the written word. He is the organizer of the KaLibar Bestival international literary festival in Zadar. He conducts creative writing workshops OtPis.
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